Boston Baked Whole Wheat: Submitted by: Ken Rees | Date Added: 4 Apr 2013 Ingredients:

■ 4 C. whole kernel wheat
■ 1/3 tsp. pepper
■ 10 C. water
■ 1/3 C. catsup
■ 1 lb. bacon, cut in fourths
■ 2 tsp. salt
■ 1 lg. onion, diced
■ 1/2 tsp. dry mustard
■ 1/4 C. molasses

Cooking Instructions:

In a large roaster or Dutch oven, combine wheat, water, bacon and onion. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl and pour into pan with wheat. Cover and bake at 200 for 6 hours. Remove cover the last 1/2 hour of baking. Add a little boiling water if mixture becomes a little dry. Serve hot with steaming hot Boston brown bread. Makes 14 cups. Also check to be sure it's done; it may take a little longer cooking time.

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