Roast!: Submitted by: Rabecca Thompson | Date Added: 7 Apr 2013 Ingredients:

■ 2 to 4 lb. lean chuck or rump beef roast
■ 1 T. garlic powder
■ Carrots, cut and peeled, opt.
■ 1 to 2 T. Herbs de Provence (or any herbs)
■ Potatoes, cut and peeled, opt.
■ Water
■ 2 dry whole bay leaves

Cooking Instructions:

Rinse roast (frozen or thawed) and place in bottom of 5-quart crock pot. Sprinkle herbs and garlic powder over meat. (Measuring is not necessary. Season to taste.) Put carrots and potatoes around meat. Cover all meat with water. Veggies can stick out above water line. Drop in bay leaves. Make sure water line is not so high that it will overflow when pot boils. Cover crock pot. Cook on low 8 to 10 hours (if meat is frozen) or 6 to 8 hours (if thawed). If you want it faster, cook thawed meat 4 to 5 hours on high. If you are gone from home more than 10 hours, use a household timer to turn pot on. It smells great when you get home.

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