Gerry's Lunch: Submitted by: Gerry Andersen | Date Added: 4 Apr 2013 Ingredients:

■ Can opener Spoon
■ Microwave
■ Paper towels
■ Bowl
■ 10 3/4 OZ. can of Campbell's soup

Cooking Instructions:

Open can with can opener. Pour contents of can into bowl. Clean up spilled soup with paper towel. Cook soup in microwave until soup explodes. Clean soup off the inside of the microwave with paper towel. Eat 1 spoonful of soup every few minutes until half of soup is consumed. Let soup sit for at least half an hour. Eat one spoonful of soup every few minutes until rest of soup is consumed or it is time to go home, whichever comes first. Take bowl and spoon home, put in sink and hope it gets cleaned up.

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