English Toffee: Submitted by: Lois Brasile | Date Added: 7 Apr 2013 Ingredients:

■ 2 C. granulated sugar
■ 1-6 oz. pkg. milk chocolate chips
■ 1 lb. butter (no substitute)
■ 2/3 C. chopped nuts, very fine
■ 2 C. sliced almonds

Cooking Instructions:

Use heavy skillet or heavy pan. Add first 3 ingredients. Boil and cook, stirring constantly, until mixture turns toffee color (approximately 6 to 7 minutes). Upon reaching toffee color stage, remove pan immediately asthecandywill scorch easily. Have a large pan readyto pourtoffee into. Sprinkle with chocolate chips; spread evenly with knife. Sprinkle nuts and press onto chocolate. Crack into pieces when cool.

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