Valley Bible Church - Deacon John Del Frate

John Del Frate first came to the Antelope Valley in 1979 as a college student in NASA's co-op program. Just prior to coming out Lancaster, one of his friends from school in the Navigator ministry showed him the "bridge illustration" to explain why Jesus died on the cross for his sins and how that "completely" paid for the penalty of his own sin. John, who was raised as a Roman Catholic, had never understood the concept until that moment. A few months later after more study and observing Christians in action, he chose to follow Jesus Christ.

John Del Frate

In 1983 he got a permanent position at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, where he currently leads the office that does advanced planning, partnerships and manages reimbursable projects. A Spanish speaker, he led Bible studies in that language, ministered to Spanish-speaking inmates at the Tehachapi State Prison and serves as a translator on VBC trips to Mexicali. With the help and support of his wife Catherine, he has led growth groups for well over 20 years. Recently they have also started to help with Biblical Counseling.

"VBC is home for me. I have never checked out other churches in the area. I never felt the need to as I felt we do things right," he says. He and Catherine have five children, Andrea, Mario, Aleanna, Angelina, and Kodey who he loves very much. They like camping, fishing and family nights.