About Valley Bible Church

Every church is different. Each church not only has some type of belief system but certain emphases within that system. Also, in terms of practice, the values and personality of each church can be seen in their decisions.

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Likewise, our church has priorities that affect what we do. Since some of our emphases may not be quickly seen, it is helpful to describe them for those who are considering attending our church and for those who wonder why we do certain things.

We do not list these to say that we are the model church. Most of these things are simply our preferred way of doing things. Our church has not always functioned in these ways and these distinctives did not come about because we set a goal. Instead, they are the fruit, over many years, of our values as we sought to apply the Word of God to our lives and ministry.

Also, this is not a list of the most important things about our church. Like many churches, we are committed to God's Word and its application, to prayer, evangelism, etc. which are the most vital elements of our church and are also common among most true evangelical churches.
Yet our distinctives are things that we believe have served our fellowship well in living out our commitment to God's Word.