Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Topical Outline of Mark

Mark 1:1-13 - "The Beginning - The Baptism of Jesus by John and the Temptation"

Galilean Ministry (1:14-7:23)

Mark 1:14-45 - "Beginning of the Galilean Ministry, Calling the Disciples, Ministry in Capernaum"

Mark 2:1-17 - "Healing the Paralytic and the Calling of Matthew"

Mark 2:18-3:6 - "Conflicts with Pharisees"

Mark 3:7-35 - "Choosing the Twelve and Opposition"

Mark 4:1-34 - 'Teaching in Parables"

Mark 4:35-5:43 - "Calms the Sea, Heals Woman with Hemorrhage, Raising Jairus' Daughter"

Mark 6:1-56 - "Rejection in Nazareth, Sending Out the Twelve, Feeding 5000, Walking on Water"

Mark 7:1-23 - "Conflicts with Pharisees, Teaching on True Worship and Man's Sinful Heart"

Withdrawal with Disciples into Various Gentile Regions (7:24-8:26)

Mark 7:24-8:26 - "Healing Syrophoenician Woman's Daughter, Feeding 4000, Healing Blind Man"

The Road to Jerusalem (8:27-10:52)
The First Passion Prediction Unit (8:27-9:29)

Mark 8:27-9:1 - "Peter's Confession and Teaching on Discipleship"

Mark 9:2-29 - "Transfiguration, Healing a Boy with an Evil Spirit"

The Second Passion Prediction Unit (9:30-10:16)

Mark 9:30-10:16 - "Death and Resurrection Foretold, Servanthood, Sin, Divorce, Children and Faith"

The Third Passion Prediction Unit (10:17-52)

Mark 10:17-52 - "Rich Young Ruler, Riches and the Kingdom, Greatness in the Kingdom, Healing Blind Bartimaeus"

The Passion Week (11:1-15:47)

Mark 11:1-26 - "Sunday (Triumphal Entry), Monday (Cursing Fig Tree and Purging the Temple), and Tuesday Morning (Teaching on Faith and Forgiveness)

Proposed Harmony

Mark 11:27-12:44 - "Tuesday (Parable of the Vine-growers, Answering the Jewish Religious Leaders, Jesus Questions the Jewish Religious Leaders, Condemning Hypocrisy, the Widow's Mite"

Mark 13:1-37 - "Tuesday (The Olivet Discourse - Things to Come)"

Mark 14:1-26 - "Jewish Leaders Plot to Kill Jesus, Mary Anoints Jesus, Judas Plans to Betray Jesus, The Passover Celebration, The Lord's Supper"

Mark 14:27-15:21 - "Foretelling Scattering and Peter's Denial, Prayer in Gethsemane, Betrayal, Second Jewish Trial, Peter's Denials, Third Jewish Trial, First Roman Trial, Third Roman Trial, Jesus Mocked and Led to Golgotha"

Mark 15:22-47 - "Timeline of Crucifixion Events, Crucifixion, Death of Jesus Christ, Jesus is Buried"

Mark 16:1-20 - "The Resurrection, Appearances, and Commissioning the Disciples"