Valley Bible Church is led by a group of men known as elders. We adopted this form of church government in 1982 in light of the teaching and practice of the early church in the New Testament. The elders oversee all the ministries of our church and provide guidance to our church through prayer and the ministry of the Word. While elders are the overseers of the church, we also have deacons who are the officially recognized servants who serve the church in leading certain ministries. For more information about this topic see our position paper on church leadership.


Lance RichardsLance Richards

Dale WhiteheadDale Whitehead



Francisco AcevesFrancisco Aceves 

Gerry AndersenGerry Andersen

Rick BaloghRick Balogh

Don BehraDon Behra 

John Del FrateJohn Del Frate 

Anita KarlisAnita Karlis 

Daisuke OkadaDaisuke Okada 

Tim MoesTim Moes


Rocky OsborneRocky Osborne

Mauricio RivasMauricio Rivas

Dan RolandDan Roland

Brian TannerBrian Tanner

Randy ThompsonRandy Thompson

Nathan WhiteheadNathan Whitehead

Chris WilliamsChris Williams

Dennis WilliamsDennis Williams




Francisico Aceves - Deaf PastorFrancisco Aceves

Gerry Andersen - Adult Ministries PastorGerry Andersen

Christine Barnes - Office Manager

Ann Budha - Children's Director / Office ManagerAnn Budha

Sandy Novak - BookkeeperSandy Novak

Dale Whitehead - ElderDale Whitehead

Chris Williams - Youth PastorChris Williams