June 15 Church Update


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One of the ways that we as a church seek to reach out to our community and to strengthen relationships among each other is through sports. This ministry is primarily composed of our softball league and soccer camp, which both take place during the summer. Whether you are athletic or not, this is a great environment to invite people to as well as build relationships with people that are already a part of the church. 


Valley Bible has our own co-ed softball league that takes place every summer on Sunday nights. Teams are composed from our high school group, college group, deaf ministry, and growth groups. This is a great opportunity for fellowship among the various ministries of our church as well as an opportunity to invite people as a way to get them more connected to our church. If you are interested in playing softball but aren't connected to any of the groups mentioned above, please contact the church office: frontoffice@valleybible.net or 661-942-2218.

For more information about our current schedule, standings, or past winners, please see our softball page.

Soccer Camp

Valley Bible also offers an annual soccer camp each summer. These camps are for children entering Kindgergarten - 8th grade and are designed to not only teach them about soccer but also to introduce them to our church and to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is also unique about our soccer camp is that it is completely free and open to any child within the designated age range. More information about our next soccer camp will be available in the spring.