What is the Gospel?

The gospel is the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ. 

God is a holy and perfect God. Therefore, He demands perfection from humanity (Matthew 5:48; 1 Peter 1:16). 

Mankind has failed to honor God and obey Him perfectly resulting in mankind’s separation from God (Isaiah 64:6; Romans 1:21; 3:10).

Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, is the one way that people can be forgiven of their sins. When Jesus died on the cross, he took mankind’s sin upon Himself and experienced the punishment for the penalty of man’s sin (2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 3:18). 

Faith is the only proper response for someone who wishes to be forgiven of their sins. Trusting in Jesus Christ alone and turning from all sin in one’s life is the way that this free gift of eternal life can be received (Romans 10:9; Mark 8:34-38).